2 Ways To Add Multiple Photos Into Your Facebook Posts At A Time

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Facebook continues to add new features.

And now, you can add multiple photos into your posts at a time with any of the following 2 ways on the Facebook website:

1. To drag and drop

add multiple photos to facebook posts

In fact, this time Facebook has added 2 new features for photos, one is that you can upload more than one photo at a time, the other is that you can upload them by drag-and-drop.

And to do that, you just need to drag multiple photos from your computer and drop them into your new posts.

2. To select and upload


Besides drag-and-drop, you can also use the old way to upload multiple photos.

And to do so, you can click on the "Add Photos/Video" link, the "Camera" icon, or the "+" button, and select photos from your computer to upload them into your Facebook posts.

For all the photos you have uploaded via any of the above 2 ways, they will be saved in your "Timeline Photos" album.

By the way, you can add up to 42 photos at a time, you can still upload only one video per time separately, which means that you can't upload videos and photos together, and you can only upload videos and photos, but not any other format files up till now.

What is more, you can only upload multiple photos into your profile timeline at a time, but not your pages.

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