Add Twitter API to Firefox Add-on Echofon

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Echofon for Firefox is one of my favorite Firefox add-ons for Twitter, you can read, reply or favorite your friends’ tweets, you can read or send private messages, you can also insert the current web page URL in the tweets easily.

Echofon is so nice that I want to install it, but unfortunately, Twitter is blocked in my country China, which means I have no way to use Echofon unless I use Tor or some other similar proxy softwares, which will drag down the surfing speed and increase the Memory and CPU.

But luckily, someone has revised the Echofon Firefox add-on, and added API feature into it, which lets you use Echofon directly without any proxy software in those countries or areas where Twitter is blocked.

The dashboard of official Echofon for Firefox only has the basic config feature:

And the dashboard of the revised one also has a custom url feature:

What you need to do is just to input your Twitter API, but you can also input other information, such as Home page, Search page, Short URL API, and so on.

Cool, right? The revised Echofon ( can be downloaded on (in Chinese), you can translate the webpage with Google Translate, or you can just copy and past below URL in your browser address bar:

I suggest to add Twitter API feature to enchofon for Firefox, which will be good for those users whose countries block Twitter access.

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