All The UK TV Series You Can Watch Online Free In China

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Comparing to America’s, British TV series are more famous on detective drama stories, since they have Sherlock Holmes.

And for those who live in China, you can also watch the following popular UK TV series online free:

All The UK TV Series You Can Watch Online Free In China

  1. 'Allo 'Allo (法国小馆儿)
  2. Accused (殊途同归)
  3. Agatha Christie's Poirot (大侦探波罗)
  4. Any Human Heart (赤子之心)
  5. Bedlam (鬼影喧嚣)
  6. Black Books (布莱克书店, Season 2)
  7. Black Mirror (黑镜)
  8. Britannia High (跃动英伦)
  9. Casanova (卡萨诺瓦)
  10. Cranford (克兰弗德, Season 1)
  11. Dead Boss (老板之死)
  12. Dead Set (死亡片场)
  13. Death in Paradise (天堂岛疑云)
  14. Dive (水漾青春)
  15. Downton Abbey (唐顿庄园 )
  16. Emma (爱玛)
  17. Five Daughters (妓女谋杀案)
  18. Garrow's Law: Tales from the Old Bailey (加罗律师)
  19. Generation Kill (杀戮一代)
  20. Hidden (案藏旧事)
  21. Hotel Babylon (巴比伦饭店)
  22. House of Saddam (萨达姆家族)
  23. Injustice (正义与否)
  24. Kidnap and Ransom (人质赎金)
  25. Lark Rise to Candleford (雀起乡到烛镇)
  26. Line of Duty (重任在肩)
  27. Little Britain USA (小不列颠闹美国)
  28. Little Dorrit (小杜丽)
  29. Luther (路德)
  30. Mad Dogs (癫狂之旅)
  31. Marchlands (幽魂古宅)
  32. Mansfield Park (曼斯菲尔德庄园)
  33. Material Girl (物质女孩)
  34. Mind Your Language (请讲普通话)
  35. Misfits (超能少年)
  36. Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy (奢华喜剧)
  37. Outcasts (地球浪子)
  38. Parade's End (队列之末)
  39. Persuasion (劝导)
  40. Place of Execution (道德的刑场)
  41. Pride and Prejudice (傲慢与偏见)
  42. Primeval (远古入侵)
  43. Prisoners' Wives (囚徒的妻子)
  44. Sense and Sensibility (理智与情感)
  45. Secret Diary of a Call Girl (应召女郎的秘密日记)
  46. Sherlock (神探夏洛克)
  47. Silk (皇家律师)
  48. Sirens (都市急救线)
  49. Spook: Code 9 (军情五处代号9)
  50. Spy (菜鸟间谍, Season 2)
  51. Strike Back (反击, Season 1)
  52. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (福尔摩斯探案集)
  53. The Body Farm (尸研所)
  54. The Deep (深海圆疑)
  55. The Devil's Whore (乱世妖姬)
  56. The Diary of Anne Frank (安妮日记)
  57. The Hollow Crown (虚妄之冠)
  58. The Hour (时时刻刻)
  59. The Inbetweeners (中间人)
  60. The IT Crowd (IT 狂人)
  61. The Last Enemy (最后的敌人)
  62. The Nativity (基督降生记)
  63. The Sarah Jane Adventures (莎拉简大冒险)
  64. The Shadow Line (若影若线)
  65. The Sinking of the Laconia (拉科尼亚号的沉没)
  66. Torchwood (火炬木小组, Season 4)
  67. This Is England '86 (英伦86)
  68. Thorne (警长索恩)
  69. True Love (真爱故事)
  70. Upstairs Downstairs (楼上楼下)
  71. Vanity Fair (浮华世界)
  72. Wallander (维兰德)
  73. White (名厨怀特)
  74. Whitechaple (白教堂血案)
  75. Wire in the Blood (心理追凶)
  76. Zen (神探任恩)

Among the above 76 TV series, except Black Books, Cranford, Spy, Strike Back and Torchwood, which are only available for you to watch one season, all the other 71 are available for you to watch most if not all seasons.

This post will be updated when there are new UK TV series added later, and you can also check out these 10 Chinese video websites to find out if there are any.

By the way, if you are living outside China, you can also watch these UK TV series by using a Chinese VPN, Proxy or SSH, by installing an extension, or by visiting these non-chinese websites, as what you can do when watching US TV series, have fun!

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