Best 2 Free Web Apps For You To Draw On Any Webpage

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As mentioned before, you can check out these 5 free web apps to add notes on webpages before bookmarking or sharing them.

The following will show you another 2 free web apps, which are not only available for you to add notes, but also to draw on any webpage.

1. is a bookmarklet workable for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and some other browsers, after installing and clicking it on any webpage, you can view a toolbar in the top right corner.

With the toolbar, you can easily draw an arrow, a rectangle, a circle or a line, and you can also draw anything else you like, the irregular lines will be smoothed automatically.

There are 18 colors and different sizes for lines and text, you can add text on any place of the webpage, but the text will be inserted in a rectangle, which you can't remove. For the drawing or text you don't like, you can press "Control" & "Z" to cancel it, or select to delete it.

After finish, you can click on the "i" icon to publish your markup and share it with your friends.

2. Screen Draw

Screen Draw

Screen Draw is a Firefox add-on, which icon you can see on the Add-on Bar after installation.

With the add-on, you can choose a Brush to draw something, use the Erase to move the drawing, or Clear all the drawing.

There are 70 colors and 99 sizes for text and lines, but which you can't move unless resizing the window.

After drawing, you can save the whole webpage or just the visible part of it as a PNG or JPG file, as what you can do with a screen capture tool.

As what you can see, both of the above 2 web apps have their advantages and shortcomings, while is better at sharing, Screen Draw is better at saving, but none of them are good enough to me.

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