Best 2 Web Apps For You To +1 Any Webpage

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To add the +1 button on your blog and let others share your posts on Google search, you can check out these 3 easy ways, and to +1 others’ sites and share their posts on Google search, you can check out the following 2 ways, which are also easy and free:

1. +1 Plus One Extension

+1 plus one extension

As the name, the +1 Plus One Extension is available for you to +1 any webpage in your Chrome browser, although it is not developed by Google, it does the same job well.

After installation, click the +1 button in the top right tools bar of the webpage you like, then you will see how many +1 the webpage gets, clicking the +1 button in the drop-down menu, you can confirm and +1 the webpage in a new window.

2. The Google Plus One Bookmarklet

+1 bookmarklet

Developed by the Digital Inspiration blog, you can drag and drop the following bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks bar:

Although the above bookmarklet will be available for IE, Firefox, Safari and all the other browsers besides Chrome, it dosen’t look beautiful and has one obvious bug, which is that you can’t close the drop-down menu window, whether you have +1ed the webpage or not.

3. The Confirmation Step

+1 confirmation window

Whichever web app you use, you need to confirm before you can +1 the webpage you like in a new window like the above image.

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