Best 2 Web Apps Like Instagram

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As one of the most popular photo sharing service, Instagram is only workable on iOS devices, though it has a website, but which is only available for you to edit your account information, that’s why there are many third-party websites for you to play with Instagram without an iPhone.

But all those third-party websites are also not available for you to upload photos to Instagram, so for those who like to upload and share photos with browsers, you can check out the following 2 Instagram-like web apps:

1. PicYou


One interesting feature of PicYou is that you can upload a photo in three ways, one is to drag and drop it, one is to pick it from your disk, and one is to fetch from a URL.

When the photo is uploaded, you can add frame to it, crop it, filter it with an Instagram-like effect (9 in total) and enter your title with tags, then you can post it and/or sync it to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and/or OpenID which you have linked.

For those PicYou photos, you can filter them by Popular, Recent, Tags or Popular users, you can comment on them, like them, share them, and you can also follow their authors.

By the way, you can also change your profile’s background theme, by selecting one from the website library, by customizing one yourself, or even by importing from your Twitter account.

2. PicPlz


As mentioned before, PicPlz is available for you retouch your photo in one click with different effects (11 in total).

You upload a photo, choose an effect, and add caption, then you can post it and even sync it to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous, Foursquare and/or Dropbox.

For the PicPlz photos, you can filter them by Your Network’s, Interesting’s or Everyone’s, you can comment on, like or favorite (add to collection) them, you can see when and how they are taken, and you can also select a license (All rights reserved as default) for yours.

But it will force to add you 18 following users, whom you may be not interesting indeed.

Between the above 2 web apps, PicYou looks more like Instagram, but PicPlz was born earlier than Instagram, did Instagram learn from PicPlz?

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