Best 2 Websites For You To Find Out The Most Favorited Tweets

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If you like a tweet, you can retweet it, reply to it or favorite it, and if you like to read the tweet later, to favorite it will be a good choice.

And the more times a tweet has been favorited, it will be more popular.

The following are best 2 websites for you to find out the most favorited tweets:

1. Favstar


Favstar will show you 20 tweets from all time with most favorited times, and 20 ones from current with over 10, 30, 50 or 100 favorites, which you can favorite, reply to, retweet, or recommend as the tweets of the day, but which is not free.

Besides the most favorited tweets, you can also view the popular people on Twitter who have tweets with many favorites, as well as the tweets posted via Favstar without login. After login with your Twitter account, you can also post new tweets, view your recent tweets favorited by others, read the tweets recently favorited by people you follow, etc.

Again, only 20 results will be shown for any kind of tweets, and you have to pay for more results.

2. Twilater


On the Twilater website, you can enter any keyword and search for the most favorited tweets about it from all time.

For the results, you can favorite them, retweet them or reply to them without login. And after login with your Twitter account, you can also read the most favorited tweets saved by your friends today, yesterday, in last week or month.

By the way, it seems that Twilater only supports English, since every Chinese character in any tweet will be replaced with "?".

Between the above 2 websites, Favstar is better for you to find out the most favorited 20 tweets on all topics, while Twilater is better for you to find out the most favorited tweets on the topics you search for.

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