Best 3 Bookmarklets For You To Let It Snow Everywhere

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Google likes snow so much that it creates a new Easter egg for this Christmas, and you can see beautiful snowflakes falling down when searching for "Let it snow" on its homepage.

And if you like to let it snow somewhere else besides the Google website, you can check out the following 3 best bookmarklets, which are available for you to see snowflakes on any webpage you are visiting:

1. Zythum's "Let it snow!" bookmarklet

Zythum Let it snow bookmarklet

Developed by Zythum, this bookmarklet offers the nearly same snow as that of Google’s Christmas Easter egg, but the snowflakes are too thin to hide the contents as what Google’s snow can do, though you can clear them, too.

By the way, for any HTTPS webpage, you will see an alert that it has insecure content, and you need to click the "Load Anyway" button to let it snow.

2. Clearleft's "Let it snow!" bookmarklet

Clearleft Let it snow bookmarklet

Offered by the Clearleft website, this bookmarklet supports Safari and Chrome, but not Firefox.

There are several different size snowflakes, which will fall down without frosting your webpages.

3. David's "Let it Snow!" bookmarklet

David Lit it snow bookmarklet

Developed by David Flanagan, this bookmarklet offers very big snowflakes, but there are also two big advertising images which will fall down together with the snowflakes, too.

To use the above 3 bookmarklets, you can just drag and drop them into your Bookmarks bar and clicking on them on any webpage that you want it snow.

By the way, except for Clearleft's as mentioned above, the other two bookmarklets are both workable for Chrome, Firefox and Safari, other browsers are not tested.

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