Best 3 Chrome Extensions For You To Hack Google+

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After Wave and Buzz, Google finally launched a killer social networking product — Google+, which is in limited field trial now.

Since there were so many people who wanted to use it, Google+ has temporarily exceeded its capacity and cancelled the invitation features.

For those who haven’t joint Google+, you can leave comments below and I will send invites to you once available, and for those who are using Google+, you can check out the following 3 Chrome extensions, which will help you hack Google+ with fun.

1. Google+ : Facebook

Stylish google+ : facebook

Don’t you think Google+ is much like Facebook? For example, the Circles like Groups, the +1 button likes the Like button, the similar comment systems, and so on.

And you can find out more commons between the two services when making the design of Google+ like the one of Facebook via the Stylish extension Google+ : Facebook, which is also workable for IE, Firefox, Opera and some other browsers besides Chrome.

After installation, you’d better restart your browser, or there may be something wrong, such as the toolbar may be still black in Chrome.

2. Extended Share for Google Plus

Extended Share for Google Plus

Extended Share for Google Plus is a Chrome extension for you to share your Google+ Public messages on Twitter and Facebook.

After installation, you will see a "Send to" button under every stream post, but sometimes there will be two or even three "Send to" buttons for mistakes, as what you can see from the above image. And what is more, I failed to share the Public messages on Twitter sometimes, but there’s no problems to share on Facebook.

You can also share the links of Google+ limited messages on Twitter or Facebook, but only the one who are in the circle can view those messages.

3. Facebook Friend Exporter

Facebook Friend Exporter

Want to add your Facebook friends to your Google+ circles? Check out the Chrome extension Facebook Friend Exporter, with which you can export names, email addresses, phone numbers and websites of your Facebook friends.

After installation, change the Facebook language to English, then you will see an “Export friends!” button on your Facebook’s top toolbar, clicking the button, you can follow the instructions and export your Facebook friends to Gmail directly, or you can also download the CSV file and import it to your Gmail manually.

Do you have any other Chrome extensions to hack Google+? 🙂

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