Best 3 Facebook Applications To Turn Your Photos Into A Movie

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To edit your Facebook photos, you can check out These 10 applications, and to pick up some of your photos and turn them into a movie (or slideshow), then you can check out the following 3 Facebook applications:

1. Animoto

Facebook Animoto

With Animoto application, you can pick up 10 to 15 pictures, select or upload your music, edit your title, then you will get your movie.

But except to share the movie on Facebook, you can’t download, embed or email it as you can do with the Animoto website.

2. TripAdvisor TripWow


As the name, TripAdvisor TripWow is for you to turn your travel photos into a movie.

You can select a template, pick up your travel album and enter the city name, choose your music and theme, then click “Done” to generate your movie, which you can share on Facebook, email to your friends, or embed into your blog.

If you want to download the movie, you need to invite at least 10 friends to watch it.

3. Kizoa Photo


As one of the best app to edit Facebook photos, Kizoa Photo is also available for you to turn photos into movies, for which you can add music, text, animations and many other effects, post on Facebook and Twitter, or embed into your blog.

But you can’t download the movies to your computer until you pay for them.

Do you have any other Facebook applications to turn photos into a movie? Share with us by leaving a comment. 🙂

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