Best 3 Free Apps For You To Measure Your Ring Size

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Measure Your Ring SizeWhen going to buy an engagement ring for a girl, one of the most important things you need to figure out is the size, too small or too big will be a waste of money and romance.

To take her to a jewelry store and pick up together is the safest way, but will be a lack of surprise as well as romance. Instead, you can figure out the size first, and then choose a ring by yourself secretly.

If you have an existing ring (whether hers or not) which fits your girlfriend's ring finger, you can measure the ring size with the following 3 ways:

1. Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder

Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder

If you have an iPhone、iPod touch or iPad, you can install the Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder app, which is free for you to measure your ring size with English, Chinese, French and some other languages support.

After installation, you can click "FIND THE CORRECT RING SIZE", pick up a circle, and place your ring over it, if the inside edge of the ring matches to the circle edge, then the circle size is your ring size.

2. Blue Nile

Measure your ring size with bluenile

On the Find Your Ring Size page of the Blue Nile website, you can download a printable ring sizer as a PDF file, and then place the ring over the circles to find out which one is the most closed.

By the way, if you are living in United States, Australia or New Zealand, you can also ask for a plastic ring sizer free.

3. Find My Ring Size

Find My Ring Size

On the Find My Ring Size website, you can place a driving license or credit card on your computer screen, and mark the card's width, then you can use an on-display ring size chart to find out the size of your ring, like what you can do with Blue Nile, but you don't need to print anything, though the result correction will depend on your card and how correct your mark its width.

And if you don't have an existing ring which fits your girlfriend's ring finger, you can use a paper ruler or a string to measure the ring finger's circumference, which you can convert to the ring size according to the virtual ruler or conversion chart offered by Find My Ring Size. But paper or string is easy to be stretched or twisted, the measurement may be not so accurate.

And if it is too hard to use any of the above ways to measure the ring size, you can compare your girlfriend's ring finger with all your fingers, and check out which part of your fingers is closed to it in size.

By the way, when measuring the ring size, you'd better be aware of the following rules:

  • Measure your finger size when your fingers are warm, since fingers are smaller when cold and bigger when hot;
  • Measure finger size 3 to 4 times to avoid an incorrect reading;
  • If the ring falls between two sizes, order the larger size.

To be honest, I have used Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder to measure a girl's ring size, but haven't pick up a ring yet. Have you? Or do you have any other ways to measure a ring size? Share with us by leaving a comment.

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