Best 3 Free Online Countdown Timers

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Just imagine that how exciting it will be when looking at the large countdown timer for an important moment during a party or a meeting.

Whether these 5 Firefox add-ons or these 10 websites, they are available for you to track time, and most of them are also available for you to countdown time, but their time clocks are not as large as those of below three professional online countdown timers:

1. Timer

free online countdown timer eggtimer

On the Timer website, you can set the target time by entering something like “1day”, “1hour10minutes10seconds”, or “1years10months”, then you will see a big countdown clock starting automatically in a new page.

There are no ads on the countdown page.

2. Online Stopwatch

free online countdown timer stopwatch

On the full screen page of Online Stopwatch, you can click the “Count Down” button and set the time, then you can watch a big countdown clock, which won’t start until you click the “Start” button.

You can also track how much time elapses by clicking the “Stop Watch” button.

There are Google AdSense advertisements on the countdown clock page.

3. Online Countdown Timer

free online countdown timer

The Online Countdown Timer website is interesting, since you can change the countdown clock size to Small, Medium, Large or X-Large, and you can also change the background color to Blue, Black, Silver, Green or Orange.

There are Google AdSense advertisements above the time.

Among the above three free online countdown timer, Timer is my favorite, since there are no ads. How about you? Which one is your favorite? Or do you have any other online countdown timer? Share with us by adding a comment.

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