Best 3 Free Online ePub Readers

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As one of the popular formats of eBook, ePub can’t be read directly in your browsers as what you can do with the HTML format.

So how to read ePub books in browsers? You can check out the following best 3 free online ePub readers:

I. EPUBReader


EPUBReader is a Firefox add-on and available for you to read ePub books online in the following 3 ways:

1. Go to the webpage and download the ePub file;

2. Open ePub-Catalog and import the folder of ePub files from the Synchronize page;

3. Drag the ePub file on the Firefox window.

And you can find the ePub-Catalog item from Bookmarks, Tools and Navigation Toolbar.

For the ePub e-book, you can change the background color, the font size, the reading style, etc., and you can also use hot keys, such as C to open the catalog, S to save copy, D to set bookmark, so on and so forth.

II. Bookworm


You need to register to use the free services offered by the Bookworm website.

After login, you can upload your ePub file to read it, you can zoom the text size, change the text font, or read the book in full screen, and you can also read it on your mobile phone browsers by visiting its mobile version.

III. Magic Scroll

Magic Scroll

On the Magic Scroll website, you can upload an ePub book from your computer or fetch one from a URL, you can change the background color, choose the font size, read the book in full-screen, etc., and you can also make the current page automatically scrolled, with a faster or slower speed. But the page will load again when you adjusting the browser window.

By the way, Magic Scroll also offers a version of Chrome extension.

Among the above 3 free online ePub readers, Bookworm is my favorite, since you can use it on both computer and smart phone browsers, though you need to register first.

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