Best 3 Free Online Thesaurus Dictionaries

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Usually, there is more than one synonym of a word, even though which only has one meaning.

To find out the synonyms of a word, you can use some top free online English dictionaries, but which offer more information than just synonyms, instead, you can also check out below best 3 free online thesaurus dictionaries, which focus on synonyms:


Thesaurus Dictionary

As the most detailed online thesaurus dictionary, the website will also offer you part of speech, definition, antonyms and many other related words besides synonyms.


Thesaurus Dictionary

The website will show you the definition, the part of speech and the thesauruses of the word you enter. Besides, you can also view the antonyms and more definitions about the word.

3. Thsrs

Thesaurus Dictionary Thsrs

The thsrs website is mainly for you to find a shorter thesaurus of a long word (such as “nonsense”), and if you enter a short word (such as “none”), it will say that it is an unknown word and ask you to try again.

Instead to visit the website, you can also add the Thsrs plugin to your Firefox or Internet Explorer browser, then you can look up the thesaurus of a long word from the search bar.

Among the above three free online thesaurus dictionaries, and offer detailed definitions with correct synonyms, while Thsrs offers no definitions but shorter thesauruses.

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