Best 3 Free PPTP VPN Services

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To get a PPTP VPN, you can build one yourself on your VPS, cloud computing or dedicated server, but which will be not free and a little difficult.

Instead, you can check out the following best 3 free PPTP VPN services:

1. Tsunagarumon


On the Tsunagarumon application page, enter your email address, check to agree the service terms, and click on the red button, double-check your email address, and if it is correct, click on the next red button.

After that, go to your email box, open the email from Tsunagarumon, and click the link it offers, then you will get your free VPN account information via email.

2. Super Free VPN


On the Super Free VPN homepage of the website, you can get all the information of the free PPTP VPN account instantly. While the server and username are fixed, the password will be changed every 8 hours.

But the way, since the Super Free VPN website is blocked in China, you maybe need to change the server from "" to the following IP address:

3. Free VPN Servers

Free VPN Servers

Visiting the Free VPN Servers account webpage, move the slider from left to right, and click on the "Get VPN Info" button to unlock the VPN information.

By the way, the password will be changed every 30 minutes, but you can still use the old password if the VPN is running during the change process.

Among the above 3 free VPN services, Tsunagarumon is my favorite, which one is yours? Or do you have any other ones? Share with us by leaving a comment.

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