Best 3 RSS Search Engines

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There are some benefits for you to subscribe RSS feeds, such as you can get the latest contents of the websites without visiting them, you can avoid some if not all ads, you can read as many feeds from different websites in one place, etc.

Instead to search Google, Yahoo, Bing or some other web search engines, and to visit the result websites, then to find their RSS feed links to subscribe, you can also check out the following best 3 RSS search engines and subscribe the feeds directly.

1. CtrlQ


The CtrlQ results will show you the title and excerpt of every feed, with both the web link and RSS link, which you can subscribe to Google Reader, Bloglines, My Yahoo and some other places. And you can also click the "Show Feed" link to view the last 10 feeds of that RSS link.

2. Search 4 RSS

Search 4 RSS

On the result page of Search 4 RSS, you can view the feed link, the excerpt and the latest 4 articles of every RSS link.

Besides to search RSS feeds on the site, you can also search Google, Wikipedia, YouTube and some other sites on their own websites.

3. RSS Micro

RSS Micro

For the RSS feeds on the RSS Micro result page, you can preview them, you can subscribe them to Google Reader, Blogline, My Yahoo etc., and you can also view their old posts on the site, but the looking will be terrible.

Besides RSS feed, RSS Micro is also available for you to search webpages (posts), images and videos.

Among the above 3 RSS search engines, CtrlQ and Search 4 RSS are also available for you to search keywords in a particular site, for example, to search "Google" on the Twitter site, you can enter the following query:


Want to have a try? Search something on the site! 🙂

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