Best 3 Ways For You To Clean YouTube

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Without too many advertisements, YouTube is cleaner than before now, but we can make it more clean by hiding the sidebars and the comments.

YouTube Clutter

To do so, you can check out the following 3 best ways, which are available for you to clean YouTube easily.


Formerly known as A Cleaner YouTube, is an extension for you to clean YouTube automatically on Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

After installation, the whole YouTube website will be turned into a mode, whether on homepages, search result pages, or channels, all the comments, favorites and suggested videos will be hidden, but you can show them in one click any time you like.

Besides YouTube, it is also workable for Amazon.

2. Clean Video Search

Clean Video Search

As the name, Clean Video Search is a website for you to search YouTube to watch videos only without any comment, sidebar or ad.

And you can choose how many videos to be shown in one search result page.

3. Quietube


Available in a bookmarklet, an extension for Chrome and a Greasemonkey script for Firefox, Quietube is available for you to watch the video in a clean mode without comments or craps in one click on any single YouTube video page.

Besides YouTube, Quietube also supports Viddler and Vimeo.

Among the above 3 ways, is my favorite, since the other two are not available for you to watch those YouTube videos that are not allowed to be embedded.

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