Best 3 Websites For You To Convert HTML To PDF Online Free

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To convert a webpage to a PDF file online free, you can check out PDFmyURL, Free HTML to PDF Converter, Web2pdfconvert and some other web apps as mentioned before.

Since there will be header, sidebars, comments and/or some other elements on a webpage, if you do not like to show them but just the single post on your PDF file, then you can check out the following 3 free web apps instead:

1. PdfonFly


On the PdfonFly website, you can enter your HTML code directly, or add text, links, images and some other elements with the visual editor, then you can click the "Create PDF" button and get your PDF file.

For the converted PDF file, there will be a PdfonFly brand badge on every page, and there may be no space between two separate words — so as the following 2.

2. Pdfcrowd


Pdfcrowd is available for you to upload an HTML file, to enter HTML code, to edit your content with the WYSIWYG editor, as well as to enter the URL of a webpage.

For the generated PDF file, there will be Pdfcrowd badge and link on every page, and one image may be divided into 2.

3. ConvertHub


With ConvertHub, you can enter a webpage URL, upload an HTML file, or enter your HTML code, then enter the security code, and click the "Convert" button to download your PDF file.

For the PDF file, there won't be any brand badge or link inserted in any page, but images, tables, ordered lists may be not displayed well, and you can only convert 3 times via per IP per day.

Among the above 3 websites, PdfonFly is my favorite, though which is not good enough, either, which one is yours? Or do you have any other ways to convert HTML to PDF online free? Share with us by leaving a comment.

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