Best 3 Websites To Customize Your Facebook Profile Pictures

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With the Facebook’s new design, you can display one big photo as your profile picture in the left, and 5 small ones in the right under your bio.

You can design and choose some photos to display in your profile page manually, instead, you can also customize them with below three websites easier and more funny:

1. FB Photo Magic

FB Photo Magic

On the FB Photo Magic website, you can upload a photo from your computer, adjust the photo with your mouse, and preview the generated pictures.

Clicking the “Save” button, you can download the pictures and then upload them to your Facebook manually, or you can upload them directly via the website.

2. Pic Scatter

Pic Scatter

On the Pic Scatter website, you can upload a picture from your computer, and edit the picture by zooming and moving it, then download the generated pictures in a Zip file, or upload them to your Facebook directly.

But there will be a Pic Scatter badge in the end of the main picture.

3. Facebook Tiles

Facebook tiles

Facebook Tiles is a Facebook profile picture generator, with which you can drag and drop photos from your computer, choose how many lines of text below your name, zoom or move the photos, and then click the “Generate” button to get the pictures.

Its Facebook Connect method is not workable any more, you need to download all the 6 pictures and upload them to your Facebook manually.

Bonus: How to upload and set the profile pictures

To upload those generated pictures to your Facebook manually, you can just upload them to a new album, make the big one as your profile picture, and tag yourself in the other 5 small ones beginning with the last, then you are done.

To upload automatically (for FB Photo Magic and Pic Scatter only), you just need to connect the websites with your Facebook account and make the big photo as your profile picture.

Among the above three website, FB Photo Magic is my favorite, which one is yours? Or do you have any other ways to customize your Facebook profile pictures? Share with us by adding a comment.

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