Best 5 Chrome Extensions For You To Track Time Online

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There are some benefits for you to track time online, such as you can limit the time spending on playing Angry Birds, you can check how the work has been done in a planned time, you can track on which sites you have spent the most time, and so on.

To track time online, you can use these 10 websites, these top 5 Firefox add-ons, or the following best 5 Chrome extensions:

1. StayFocused


StayFocused is available for you to limit the time you will spend on any website.

Click the icon in the Toolbar, and click the "Block this entire site" link, then you can limit the current webpage’s displaying time, which is 10 minutes as default and you can change it to any other time, but only once per day. When the time is over, the website you block will be redirected to the StayFocused website.

You can block or unblock multiple websites at a time by entering their URLs, and you can even block all the websites during a selected time.

2. Time Tracker

Time Tracker

Time Tracker will detect your activity of mouse movements and show you how much time you’ve spent on every website you visited.

You don’t need to do anything except to pause the timer or clear the stats, and the extension will pause the timer if you are not at the keyboard.

3. RescueTime


RescueTime will show you how you spend your time online and compare yourself to the rest of the world.

Clicking the black icon in the Toolbar, you will see how much time you have spent today, this week or this month, as well as how distracted you are comparing to other users. Clicking the "View Detailed Stats" button, you can get a detailed report for your online activities, including how much time you’ve spent on every website.

4. Chrome Time Track

Chrome Time Track

Chrome Time Track is available for you to check how much time you’ve spent on tasks, which you need to add manually.

Click the extension icon, add a new task (such as a website), and click the play button, then you can start tracking your time spending on it.

5. Chrome Nanny

Chrome Nanny

Chrome Nanny is available for you to block any websites at any time, and you can also set the frequency of how often to repeat the block.

But the settings are a little difficult, since you have to enter the name, URL and time manually on the settings page.

Among the above 5 time trackers, I prefer StayFocused than others, but I rarely use it, since I always work online. 🙂 How about you? Which one is your favorite? Or do you have any other Chrome extensions to track time online? Share with us by adding a comment.

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