Best 5 Free New File-hosting Sites

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As mentioned before, RapidShare-like file-hosting sites are good for you to upload and share large and many files in any formats, but you need to wait a while before downloading and/or to take care of ads.

To avoid ads and download limit, you can check out the following best 5 new and free file-hosting sites:


Last year, was just a website like DropMocks and only available for you to upload and share images, but now, it allows you to upload and share all format files.

You can upload any file up to 2 GB with drag-and-drop, and you can have 10 GB of free space after registration.


On the website, you can upload multiple files at a time, share them while uploading, and preview them before downloading. offers quite different services for free users and non-users. For free users, you can have 2 GB free storage, and your files won’t be gone until you delete them; and for non-users, you can upload files up to 250 MB, and your files will be deleted after 30 days.

3. Google Docs

Google Docs

You can drag and drop or browse and select to upload multiples files at a time, and you can also upload an entire folder. The file size can be up to 10 GB, but unfortunately, you can only have 1 GB storage for free.

For Doc, Excel, PPT and some other files, you can convert them to Google Docs formats, and for PDFs and images, you can also convert them into text files.

4. Large Document

Large Document

On the homepage of Large Document, you can pick one or more files from your computer and upload them at a time in one click. For a 32-bit computer, you can upload a file up to 2 GB, and 8 GB for a 64-bit one.

Besides, you can use Large Document in Gmail (to upload files from its website), Android (to upload files from it) and Chrome (to get access to it from the Apps list).

5. CloudApp


My CloudApp can recognize the formats of your files and put them in related folders, such as Audio, Image, Video, and so on.

You can set the file link length to long or short with the domain, before or after the file is created. But for free account, you can only upload 10 files up to 25 MB per day, and the max file size is only 25 MB.

For an easier comparison among the above 5 file-hosting sites, you can check out the following table:

  Must sign up? Max file size Free storage File lifetime Drag-and-drop No 2 GB 10 GB Forever Yes No 250 MB for non-user, 2 GB for free user 250 MB for non-user, 2 GB for free user 30 days for non-user, forever for free user No
Google Docs Yes 1 GB 1 GB Forever Yes
Large Document No 8 GB Unlimited A period of time No
CloudApp Yes 25 MB 25 MB Forever Yes

Among the above 5 websites, is my favorite, which one is your? Or do you have any other free file-hosting sites? Share with us by leaving a comment.

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