Best 5 Free Online Signature Makers

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Business needs signatures to make contracts, which may take a lot of time and some money, especially when you and your clients are far away from each other.

Instead to sign by hand and pass the contract to your client by hand, fax or express carrier, you can make an electronic signature and sign the contract with your client online directly, which will save you time and money. The following are 5 best online signature makers, which are available for you to make electronic signatures for free without any registration or installation.

1. SignNow


On the website SignNow, you can upload your document from your computer, smart phone or tablet, then you can sign it by drawing or typing, and you can also add text or sticky to the document.

For the signed document, you can send it to yourself and/or others, invite a client to sign it, add some notes, or download it as a PDF file.

2. MyLiveSignature


MyLiveSignature is available for you to create online signatures in three ways: selecting a ready type, drawing with your mouse, from a scanned image, among which, the first two ways are free and you can download the signature as a PNG file, the last one is not free.

3. My Free Signature Maker

My Free Signature Maker

My Free Signature Maker is easy to use, you enter your name, select the font size and color, then you can choose your favorite signature from over 10 different styles, and download it as a GIF file.

By the way, you need to add a “.GIF” extension to the file you are going to download.

4. Online Signature Pad

Online Signature Pad

Online Signature Pad is a website for you to sign document online using mouse as pen.

You can choose the font color from black, red, blue and green, select the ink width from 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10, enter your email address, then you can draw your signature and send it to any email address as an attached PNG file directly.

5. Online signature maker

Online signature make

The Mobilefish website’s Online signature maker is available for you to make your signature with 3 different ways, such as you can enter your name and generate an animated signature, you can draw a smooth looking signature and you can also create a pixellated (like 8-bit) signature.

Whichever way you choose, you can select the colors, sizes, image formats and some other features of the signatures.

By the way, although the above 5 free web apps are available for you to create electronic signatures easily, you’d better ask a lawyer if the electronic signatures are workable between you and your clients before closing the contracts.

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