Best 5 Sites Like Noobroom

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As one of the best sites for you to watch free movies online, Noobroom is now running in an invite system, which means that you must log in to watch its movies.

And to log in, you must have an account, and to have an account, you must be invited by an exist user (such as Young Yang), but if you haven't gotten an invite yet or don't like Noobroom any more, you can check out the following 5 sites, which are also available for you to watch the latest Hollywood movies online free.


Previously known as (which is just a copycat now), (which is also a copycat now), (which is not available any more) or (which is automatically redirected to, is still a good place for you to watch many movies and TV series online free via NovaMov, Tudou, VidXDen or some other third-party sources.

2. Zmoive


As a collection of free full-length movies, the Zmovie website offers video links to thousands of movies from,, and many other sites.

Besides "", you can also get access to the Zmovie website via any of the following 5 URLs:

  •, or


As a clone of, the site is also available for you to watch worldwide movies (including xxx) and TV series online free from many other third-party video sites.

4. Solar Movie

Solar Movie

Solar Movie also collects the latest popular TV series and Hollywood movies from some other third-party sites and embeds them into its own site.

So, you can watch all those TV shows and movies on the Solar Movie site directly.

5. Los Movies

Los Movies

Like Solar Movie, Los Movies is also available for you to watch free movies and TV series on its own site directly.

Comparing to Noobroom, all the above 5 sites don't host any movies themselves, you can watch one movie from multiple sources (such as DivxStage, NovaMov, Vidshare, etc.) with different qualities, and there probably will be pop-up ads when watching a movie; while Noobroom hosts moves on its own site, you can only watch one movie from one server (Amsterdam) for free with one quality (HD) only, and there won't be any pop-up ads.

So, none of the above 5 sites is like Noobroom every much, but all of them are probably available for you to watch what you can watch on Noobroom.

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