Best 7 Free Online JSON Viewers

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Finally, Google Reader has been integrated with Google+ to let you +1 & share RSS feeds on Google+ directly, but also lost some cool features.

For example, you can’t view the items shared by your friends, you can’t share full-length feeds, you can’t follow people, etc. Which upset 10,000 users who signed a petition to save the old version.

I don’t think Google Reader will go back to the old version, since it allows users to export all their activities in JSON format. But how to read those JSON files? You can check out the following best 7 free online JSON viewers:

1. AjaxStack JSON Report

AjaxStack JSON Report

On the AjaxStack JSON Report website, you can paste JSON text and click the "View JSON Report" button, then you will see the contents in a human-readable HTML view.

For the result, there will be one line for every object, which values you can view by scroll right or left.

2. JSON Visualization

JSON Visualization

On the JSON Visualization website, you can paste your JSON raw data in the "Input" box, and click the "Render" button in the left sidebar, then you can view your contents in HTML format under the "Output" line.

The results will display in tables and look good.



Besides to paste JSON text, you can also enter the URL of your JSON file in the text area on the JSON 2 HTML website, then you can read the HTML results displayed in a set of nested boxes.

4. Json Parser Online

Json Parser Online

On the Json Parser Online website, you can paste JSON text in the left column, then you will see the results in the right side with both String parse and JS eval formats.

5. Json viewer

Json viewer

On the Json viewer website, you can paste JSON contents and click the "Parse JSON data" button, then you will see all the objects with HTML view under the input box.

And if you are using an IE browser, you can also enter the URL of your JSON file and get the result.

6. Online JSON Viewer

Online JSON Viewer

With Online JSON Viewer, you can paste JSON contents in the "Text" tab page, and then you will see the results by clicking on the "Viewer" tab.

You can view all the objects in the left column, with particular data in the right column, and you can also search the results.

7. Online JSON Tree Viewer Tool

Online JSON Tree Viewer Tool

On the website Online JSON Tree Viewer Tool, you can click the "Copy and Paste JSON" link to enter your JSON text, and then click the "Generate JSON Tree" button to get the result.

You can also upload a JSON file from your computer, but which never worked during my test.

By the way, it seems that all the above 7 websites only support English, which means that if there are any other languages (such as Chinese) in the JSON raw data, they will be garbled in the HTML view.

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