Best 8 Faucets For You To Get Free DOGE

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In fact, I was to list top 10 faucets, but failed to find the last 2.

While Dogecoin is becoming more and more popular and expensive, all the existing faucets may be dry any time, so here are the best 8 faucets for you to get free DOGE:


faucet-rapidhash has only about 71,000 Dogecoins, but it will send you 20 or even more once every day, wow, so generous!


dogefaucet has sent out over 148,000 Dogecoins, and has about 58,000 left, you can get about 6 once every 12 hours.



As the name, will send you 5 DOGE once every 24 hours, and there are still over 6,500 left to give away.



With, you can get 1 to 10 Dogecoins once every 8 hours, but I have no idea how much balance left.


Dogecoin Faucets has about 4,000 balance, and you can get up to 5 Dogecoins every 12 hours.



Currently, the faucet has about 3,500 Dogecoins, and you can get 2 or 3 once every 24 hours.



With, you can get 1.337 DOGE every one hour, too less, right, but there are over 370,000 balance now, wow!



As the name, has only a little DOGE (about 200) left, and you can only get 0.35 at a time.

All the above 8 faucets were tested by myself and workable yesterday, but I am not sure whether if all of them are still working, if you like to get some free DOGE, you'd better check out them right now, before the Dogecoins go to moon, wow!

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