Best Block Explorers For BTC, LTC And DOGE

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As you may know that there will be 21 Million Bitcoin, 84 Million Litecoin, and 100 Billion Dogecoin, but do you know how many of them have been mined?

You can check out the following 3 best block explorers, which will show you the answers directly and instantly:

1. Bitcoin Charts

Best Block Explorer For BTC

On the right top of the Bitcoin Charts website, you can see the total BTC number, as well as the numbers of blocks, difficulty, network and more. And you can also check out the "Bitcoin" page for more details.

Besides, Bitcoin Charts will also show you the trading prices and volumes from BTC-E, BTCChina, Mtgox and some other exchanges.

By the way, you can also get the similar data from, but not so visual.

2. Litecoin Block Explorer


Like Bitcoin Charts, Litecoin Block Explorer also shows the mined data in the right top of its site.

And you can also check out the transactions, mining difficulty, price and more on the "CHARTS" page. What is more, you can even search for block id/hash and transaction hash/address, like what you can do on for Bitcoin.

3. DogeChain


You can see how many Dogecoins have been mined on the "Statistics" page of the DogeChain site.

By the way, you can also enter a Doge public address to search for its transaction details.

According to the above 3 block explorers, there are about 12.2M BTC, 24.5M LTC and 20.1B DOGE now, and which will be increased when you see this post. 🙂

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