Best Browser Extensions For SEO Status

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Google PR (PapeRank) and Alexa rank are two most important elements that reflect a site’s SEO status, usually, the higher your PageRank and Alexa rank are, the popular your site is.

To check out a site’s SEO status, you can install the following best 3 extensions in your Chrome, Firefox and/or Safari browser, and get the results quickly when visiting the site:

1. Best Chrome extension for SEO status: SEO Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar

seo status

Besides Alexa rank and Google PageRank, SEO Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar also offers links for you to check out the site information of backlinks, whois and domain availability.

After installation, you will see an icon in the tool bar, clicking the icon, you will get the numbers of Alexa and PageRank of the current webpage in your chrome browser.

2. Best Firefox extension for SEO status: SearchStatus


Besides PR and Alexa, the Firefox SearchStatus extension also displays Compete ranking, keyword density, backward/ related links and more.

After installation, you will see the extension in your status bar.

3. Best Safari extension for SEO status: SEOQuake


Besides PageRank and Alexa, SEOQuake also shows the Google, Bing, Delicious index links, Yahoo links, Whois and some other SEO status information about the webpage you are visiting in your Safari.

By the way, the SEOQuake extension is also workable for Firefox and Chrome browsers.

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