Best Email Tracking Tool For Gmail

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Gmail is powerful itself, but it is not perfect and lack of some features someone needs, so some third-party web apps occur.

For example, Gmail doesn’t allow you to schedule email itself, but we can use the plugin Boomerang for Gmail to do that. Besides Boomerang for Gmail, another cool plugin is EmailOracle, which is an email tracking tool.

As a Gmail add-on for Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers, EmailOracle is for you to track if the receipt has opened or responded to your email.

After installation and restarting your browser, you can see an EmailOracle logo above the “Compose mail” button in your Gmail account; and after authorizing EmailOracle to reach your Gmail address and contacts, you can start tracking the email you are going to send.

1. How does EmailOracle look like in Gmail?

On the “Compose mail” page, you will see a new item “Track”, just as you can see from below image:

Email Tracking Tool EmailOracle

You can track if the recipient opens your email, and you can also get alert if the recipient doesn’t respond to you in a few days which you can choose.

2. How does EmailOracle show the results?

When the email is sent, you can view the results by clicking the “Tracked Emails” button, which will show you a window like below image:

Email tracking tool EmailOracle record

On the window, you can see when your email is sent, how many times the email has been viewed, if the email get responded, and some other information, which you can also view in your EmailOracle account.

For every email you track, there will be an image inserted in your content, that’s how EmailOracle works. The image is visible with an EmailOracle logo, if you want to use an invisible image or your own image, you need to upgrade the email tracking tool. Besides, you can only tracking 20 emails per month for free account.

3. How to change EmailOracle settings?

To change your reminders, you can login EmailOracle and visit the “settings” page, just as below image:

email tracking tool EmailOracle settings

As you can see from the above image, it is said that I haven’t installed the plugin yet, which is not true indeed. By the way, besides Gmail, the email tracking tool EmailOracle is also available for Google Apps account.


EmailOracle will be shutting down on January 31, 2011.

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