Best Facebook Applications For Twitter: Kipdola Twitter Sync

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To update your Facebook status with your latest tweet, you can use Tweeter, Twitter, Smart Twitter, or Fwitter as mentioned before.

Besides, Kipdola Twitter Sync is also a free Facebook application for Twitter, with which you can sync your tweets to your Facebook profile too, but you have more choices on what tweets appear.

Best Facebook Applications For Twitter: Kipdola Twitter Sync

I. The advantages of Kipdola Twitter Sync

Comparing to the four applications mentioned before, Kipdola Twitter Sync has four special advantages:

1. Filter tweets with keywords

You can use inclusion/exclusion keywords to decide what tweets appear on your Facebook profile.

2. Tag friends

You can tag your friends in your Facebook status by post the customized text on your Twitter profile.

3. Combine tweets

If you end a tweet with 3 dots (…), and begin another tweet with 3 dots too in 5 minutes, those two tweets will be combined into one Facebook message.

4. Filter other tweets

Besides enter keywords, you can also filter below tweets by choice:

  • Filter tweets coming from Facebook,
  • Post URLs in tweets as Facebook Links,
  • Filter out hashtags,
  • Post tweets directly to your wall.

If you just want to sync all your Twitter updates to your Facebook accounts, you can just activate your Twitter username on the Easy Setup page, and leave all the other features alone.

II. The shortcomings of Kipdola Twitter Sync

Kipdola Twitter Sync is a powerful application for Twitter with many features, but it seems that it doesn’t work well when tagging friends.

It fails to tag friends

When I set the original tweet and add Facebook friend, whatever I post, it won’t show on my Facebook profile or wall. Maybe I just do it wrong?

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