Best Facebook Applications For Twitter: Tweeter

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As an official application, Twitter on Facebook is helpful for you to sync your tweets to your Facebook profile and / or pages, but you can’t filter the tweets with “@” symbols, or reply the tweets on Facebook.

To overcome those two shortcomings of Twitter, you can check out Tweeter, which is also a great Facebook application for Twitter, but with more features.

1. The features of Tweeter


Besides syncing your tweets to your Facebook profile like the Twitter application, Tweeter has some more features, such as:

  • Lists all tweets from your Facebook friends who are also Tweeters,
  • Lists all tweets from all Tweeters,
  • You can post new tweets directly through Tweeter,
  • You can add prepend text to the tweets posted on your Facebook profile,
  • Besides @replies, you can filter out the tweets with retweet, hashtag, tweep, or any other phrases,
  • You can reply or send direct messages to the tweeps on Tweeter directly,

Obviously, you can do much more with Tweeter than Twitter.

2. The effect of Tweeter


As you can see from the above image, it shows when you update your Facebook profile with Tweeter below the post, but there is no link to your Twitter profile.

3. The shortcomings of Tweeter

Although Tweeter is powerful with many features, it still has some shortcomings, such as:

  • You can’t visit your Facebook friend’s Twitter profile as easily as the Twitter application,
  • You can’t retweet the tweets from Tweeter users,
  • You can’t read all the tweets from your Twitter timeline,
  • And so on.

What do you think of Tweeter? Or do you have any other Facebook application for Twitter? Share with us by adding a comment.

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