Best Full Text RSS Feed Builder

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Although Super Full Feeds for Google Reader™ is good for you to read full RSS feeds in your Google Reader, it doesn't work well for all RSS feeds.

Take The Big Picture for example, you can only see the titles instead of the full contents of its RSS feed items:

Although you can click the "Link" tab to view the whole webpage of the item, a feed without any content is boring when it is supposed to be in full text.

To solve the problem and read the full-text items instead of the whole webpages of The Big Picture on your Google Reader, you can first build a full text feed for it with the Full Text RSS Feed website.

Full Text RSS Feed

On the website, you can enter the feed URL or even the site URL of The Big Picture, such as the following one:


And click the "Submit" button, then you can preview a new feed with full text, together with a URL, which you can copy and add to your Google Reader.

By the way, this full text RSS feed builder is not only workable for The Big Picture, but nearly all the other RSS feeds or sites.

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