Best Two QR Code Readers For iPhone

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To decode any QR code on your BlackBerry, you can check out Mobiletag and I-nigma as mentioned before.

In fact, besides BlackBerry, these 2 apps are workable for Android, iPhone, Nokia and/or some other mobile phones, too, the following will show you how they look like and work on iPhone:

1. Mobiletag


As what you can see from the above image, Mobiletag has integrated with your camera, so that you can not only scan a QR code instantly, but also decode any QR code from your saved photos on your iPhone device.

Although Mobiletag can decode a QR code with address now, but still not the company name.

2. I-nigma


Comparing to Mobiletag, the I-nigma app will offer a full-screen when scanning a QR code, let you select English, French, Italian or some other language, and allow you to share the decode with your friends via SMS, Facebook or Twitter.

And it is faster to recognize a QR code than before.

Although the designs and features of the above 2 apps are more beautiful and stabled than those of their versions for BlackBerry mentioned before, I-nigma is better than Mobiletag at decoding, do you think so? Or do you have any other QR code readers for iPhone? Share with us by leaving a comment.

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