Blinkx Is Not Available For You To Watch TV Series Any More

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As one of the best websites for you to watch TV series online free in 2010, Blinkx is not available any more.

Although the website is still alive, there are no TV shows, but only videos about business, food, sports and some other information things.


Although there is a category for Movies, all videos are just trailers or clips from, Renderyard, Moviefone and some other sites which I have never heard before.

Obviously, Blinkx now is a website for you to watch "legal" videos, but which I think you can find and watch on YouTube, too.

So, for those who want to watch TV shows online free, it is time to say good-bye to Blinkx now.

Meanwhile, you can watch your favorite TV series online free with some other sites, such as Tvduck,, TVonline, so on and so forth.

Goodbye, Blinkx.

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