Book Giveaway: 100+ Free Tools For You To Access Blocked Sites

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100+ Free Tools For You To Access Blocked SitesHow many ways have you used to unblocked the internet censorship and get access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or some other sites blocked in your country or area?

I have used a ton, such as Proxy, SSH, VPN and many other anti-censorship tools, since which may be blocked, too, the more you have, the safer you will be.

And for all those free anti-censorship tools I have used, I posted them on Free Nuts, which had ever been blocked by the GFW in China, although it is unblocked now, God knows if it will be blocked again.

So, I have written an E-book — 100+ Free Tools For You To Access Blocked Sites, which is an expansion of a same name post, but with more details to show you over 100 free anti-censorship tools (including VPN, SSH, Proxy and even more) as well as how to use them to get access to those blocked sites in your area.

The following is the table of contents of the eBook for your reference:

  • Preface: My Internet Freedom Declaration
  • Chapter One: Free Online Proxies
  • Chapter Two: Free Proxy Softwares
    • Part One: Ultrasurf
    • Part Two: Freegate
    • Part Three: Tor
    • Part Four: GAppProxy
    • Part Five: Goagent
    • Part Six: Hyk-proxy
    • Part Seven: Snova
    • Part Seven Section One: The Easiest Ways To Use Snova
    • Part Seven Section Two: How To Use Snova On GAE
    • Part Seven Section Three: How To Use Snova On Cloud Foundry
    • Part Seven Section Four: How To Use Snova On Heroku
    • Part Seven Section Five: How To Use Snova On OpenShift
    • Part Seven Section Six: How To Use Snova On Jelastic
    • Part Eight: Best 2 Extensions For You To Manage Network Proxy Settings
  • Chapter Three: Free VPN Services
    • Part One: Free PPTP VPN Services
    • Part Two: Free VPN Softwares
    • Part Three: How To Build A VPN
    • Part Three Section One: How To Build A PPTP VPN
    • Part Three Section Two: How To Build A L2TP VPN
    • Part Three Section Three: How To Build An OpenVPN
    • Part Four: How To Set Up VPN
  • Chapter Four: Free SSH Services
    • Part One: Free SSH Tunnels
    • Part Two: How To Create A SSH Tunnel
    • Part Three: How To Connect To SSH Tunnel
  • Chapter Five: The Differences Among Proxy, SSH And VPN
  • Chapter Six: How To Access Blocked Sites With Google Reader
  • Chapter Seven: How To Access Blocked Sites With The Hosts File
  • Chapter Eight: How To Access Blocked Sites Via gogoCLIENT
  • Chapter Nine: How To Check If A Site Is Blocked
    • Part One: Check If A Site Is Blocked With Anti-censorship Tools
    • Part Two: Check If A Site Is Blocked By Pinging It
    • Part Three: Top 10 Websites For You To Check If A Site Is Blocked
    • Part Four: Check If A Site Is Blocked In China With WebSitePulse
  • Chapter Ten: Appendix
    • Part One: Top 10 Websites Blocked in China
    • Part Two: Countries That Block Facebook
  • Subsequent: This Book Is Free

And the following is the entire book posted on SlideShare:

And if SlideShare is blocked in your area, you can visit the above book with any anti-censorship tool you have or mentioned in this post.

Besides, you can also read and/or download the ebook in the following 6 different formats:

1. HTML:;

2. ePub: ePub Bud,, or Google Docs;

3. PDF: SlideShare,, or Google Docs;

4. Apple iBookstore;

5. Amazon Kindle;

6. Google Books.

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