Top 10 Websites To Build A Free Resume Online

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As for me, it was painful to build a resume when I was going to look for a job. It took me much time to find and edit a resume template, and the most hard thing was to put all your talent on one page paper.

Since our experiences are different, it’s hard to say how to fill your resume with the job related information, such as education, skills, working experience, and so on. But there are some ways for you to finish a resume more easily. Below 10 websites will let you build a free resume online, you do not need to worry about the resume template, and just focus on the job related information.

1. CeeVee

You can sign up a new account, or you can log in with your Facebook account. You just need to fill the resume with your photo, your education, your hobby and other related information, then you can download the resume in PDF format, print it directly, or publish it online with a customized page URL. There will be a CeeVee badge on the resume.

Go to CeeVee

2. Free Resume Creator

There are 6 templates for your choice on Free Resume Creator. You can create free resumes without registration, but you can edit your resume anytime after registration. All the templates are white background with black letters, you can’t add photos to the resume. You can download the free resume in PDF, HTML or Text format, or you can print it directly.

Go to Free Resume Creator

3. Resume Builder

You need to sign up to build a free resume on Resume Builder. There are total 10 steps for you to follow to finish your resume, from contact information to your Twitter account. But the Twitter or Blog information won’t appear on the resume. The resume can be downloaded in RTF or PDF format, or you can make it public such as this, but there will be a Resume Builder badge on the finished resume.

Go to Resume Builder

4. JobSpice

You can build a free resume on JobSpice without registration, but you can save and share your resume after registration. You can add any sections, such as education, experience, coursework, and so on. There are 10 resume styles with different designs and colors for your choice.The finished resume can be downloaded in PDF format, or you can share it online like this with your customized URL.

Go to JobSpice

5. Emurse

You need to sign up to build a free resume on Emurse. The finished resume can be downloaded in many formats, such as PDF, DOC, RTF and so on. You can publish your resume online such as this, or print it directly. And you can also send your resume to the employer from Emurse directly.

Go to Emurse

6. Visual CV

The most awesome thing of Visual CV is that it will let you import your LinkedIn information to your resume. Of course, you need to sign up before importing your LinkedIn account. The finished resume can be downloaded as PDF file, on which there will be a Visual CV badge. You can share your free resume with your friends like this.

Go to Visual CV

7. Lead You

You will create a Lead You account when you are building your free resume online. There are some color resume templates for your choice, but you need to add the resume sections ( such as your education) manually. The finished resume can’t be downloaded, but you can print it directly, send it to someone, or publish it online like this.

Go to Lead You

8. How To Write A Resume.Net

You need to create a new account on HowToWriteAResume.Net first. There are 5 steps for you to build a professional resume, but there is only one template for free. The finished free resume can be downloaded in HTML or TXT format. You can post your resume to some Distribute websites, but they all suck as per my test.

Go to How To Write A Resume.Net

9. My Resume Online

You need to register to build a free resume on My Resume Online. Your resume can be filled with education, experience, achievement, and so on. You can add your photo or some attachments into the resume. You can publish your free resume online. There will be Google AdSense ads on your resume, and there is no way to download or print the resume.

Go to My Resume Online

10. iDlogik

After registration, you fill your resume with the related information, such as your education, your experience, your skills and so on, then you can publish your resume online like this, or you can download it in PDF format, there is no iDlogik badge or ad on the PDF file.

Go to iDlogik

If you want to publish your resume online with any of the above 10 websites, you’d better think twice whether to show your email address or not, since the spammers maybe find it. And among those resume builders, CeeVee is my favorite, though I don’t think I will use it to make any resume again. If you have any other similar websites to build a free resume online, please share with us by adding a comment.

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