Check English Spell Online With Ginger

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To check the spell of any word in English, French, Spanish and/or some other languages, you can check out these 10 free online spell checkers, as mentioned before.

The following will show you another one — Ginger, which offers English spell-check extensions for Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari browsers.


After installation, you can see a Ginger icon in the tools bar, click on the icon, you can enter your text and click on the "Ginger it!" button to get the correction (if any). And the spell errors will be marked with red color, while the corrections will be marked with blue color.

Besides, Ginger can also automatically check the spell of the text you enter in a webpage input box and mark the errors with green color, when right-clicking on any underlined word, you can get the suggested corrections, but which is not stable.

During my test, Ginger failed to check the spell on the Twitter website, and failed to show the suggested corrections on this blog, as what you can see from the following image:

Ginger shortcomings

Although Ginger is workable for four different browsers as mentioned in the beginning of this post, only its Chrome extension is available for Mac. But besides the extensions, Ginger also has an online spell checker, with which you can enter your English words to check its spells.

By the way, English spell checkers are included in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and some other browsers, so the advantage of Ginger's webpage instant English spell-check is not so obvious, is it?

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