Top 10 Websites That Let You Check If Links Are Safe

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The antivirus software may protect you from attacks when there is virus on a website you are visiting, but it maybe don’t work if there are spyware, phishing attacks, drive-by downloads or some other malware on the website.

Not long ago, when I clicked on a link, a strange window opened and started to scan my computer, saying my computer was in danger, which shocked me then.

So, I become more careful and will check strange links before clicking on them with some free online malware scanners, and among which, below 10 are my favorite:

1. Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic

scan websites for malware

Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic is easy for you to check if a site is in Google’s suspicious list with malware. Just paste below link in your browser address bar:

And then replace “” with any other domain you want to look up.

Go to Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic

2. Unmask Parasites

scan websites for malware

Unmask Parasites is based upon Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic, and will show you if a webpage is clean or not, the result report will show you all the links on the site.

Unmask Parasites is workable for shortened URLs, which will be expanded and scanned automatically.

Go to Unmask Parasites

3. Sucuri

scan websites for malware

Sucuri is used to scan shortened links for safety.

The shortened URLs will be expended automatically and then scanned through SiteAdvisor and Google’s SafeBrowsing.

Go to Sucuri

4. WOT

scan websites for malware

WOT will show you the website reputations which are rated by its community users, and the color of the result page will be changed according to different rates, but there may be no results for some new websites.

You can also install WOT extensions for your Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers, or you can add the WOT bookmarklet for other browsers.

Go to WOT

5. SiteAdvisor

scan websites for malware

The McAfee SiteAdvisor website supports Chinese, English, Japanese and many other languages, and it will show you a detailed automated web safety testing result as well as user comments for the link you look up.

Go to SiteAdvisor

6. Norton Safe Web

scan websites for malware

The website Norton Safe Web also supports multiple languages, and it will show you a summary report of computer threats, identity threats and annoyance factors, as well as a threat report with spyware, phishing attacks, drive-by downloads and many other malware threats.

Go to Norton Safe Web

7. PhishTank

scan websites for malware

PhishTank is a website for you to check if there are phishing attacks on a site or not.

The suspected phishes are submitted and verified by its users.

Go to PhishTank


scan websites for malware

The website URIBL will list domains that appear in spam, and you can check up to 15 links at a time to see if they are in URIBL’s blacklist or not.


9. Browser Defender

scan websites for malware

Just enter your links, and then Browser Defender will show you if those links are safe to visit or not.

Go to Browser Defender

10. URL Void

scan websites for malware

URL Void will check if links are safe or not through WOT, McAfee SiteAdvisor, Norton SafeWeb and some other free online malware scanners.

Besides, URL Void will show you some information about the website you look up, such IP Address, IP Country, IP Host and so on.

Go to URL Void

All of the above 10 websites are free to be used without any registration, and you do not need to download or install anything, even though you can do that from some of them.

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