Check If Your Site Is Blocked In China With WebSitePulse

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As you may know that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and some other famous websites are blocked in China.

In fact, the GFW doesn’t only block big and famous foreign websites, but also those small and unknown ones (such as, even though they are written in Chinese, which means that if your website is hosted in a server outside China, it may be blocked by the GFW.

To check if your site is blocked in China, you can check out these 10 websites, which will show you if your site is up or down outside China, and if it is up but you can't visit, then it is blocked in your location.

And if you are lucky, your site may be just blocked in the city you are living, or just a few other cities, but not all the cities in China, and to figure out which situation it is in, you can check out the WebSitePulse website, which offers a test tool — Website Test behind the Great Firewall of China — for you to check if your site is blocked in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou or Hong Kong.


With the test tool, you can enter your site's domain, choose one of the supported Chinese locations as mentioned before, select Seattle (USA), Munich (Germany) or Brisbane (Australia) as a foreign test location, and click the "Perform Test" button, then you can get the result page, such as what you can see from the following screenshot:

Is your site blocked in China?

On the result page, if there is a red "Failed" message on the left and a green "OK" on the right, then your site is blocked in the Chinese location you choose; and if there is no red message, then your site is not blocked in that location.

By the way, if your site is blocked in China, you can still visit it with these 100 free anti-censorship tools.

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