6 Things I Am Doing to Reverse Climate Change

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Last year, the Blog Action Day was about Poverty, and this year, it is about Climate Change.

Well, although I do not like cold, but I hate hot more. It sounds terrible when hearing that hurricanes will happen more often, the sea level will rise, and the Walrus will die, all these will be caused by hot. And all the hot will be caused by CO2.

So, I am going to do as much as possible to reduce CO2 production.

1. Do not buy a car

Cars are good at making CO2, which will cause the Greenhouse Effect. But I am too poor to buy a car now, so this is easy for me. 🙂

2. Take a bus instead of a taxi

As a matter of fact, my daily transportation is feet, bus or train.

3. No bottled water

Lots of CO2 will be created when producing the water bottles, so I will boil water and take a personal bottle to drink it.

4. Turn off the computer in time

Electricity produces CO2, so I will turn off the computer when it won’t be used in 15 minutes.

5. Use energy efficient light bulbs

Energy efficient light bulbs waste less electricity.

6. Invite Obama to reverse climate change

As President of USA, Obama has very strong power to lead on climate change, so I signed the Blog Action Day’s petition, calling on President Obama to take significant action.

I will keep signing if there are any petition against Climate Change, and I will keep learning to see if I can do something more against the hot.

I do not think I can reverse the climate change myself, but if you are also going to do something, then we will reverse the climate change and save the Walrus.

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