Control YouTube Videos With YouTube™ Volume Controller

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As default, YouTube videos will be played automatically when you visit its YouTube page, whether you like or not.

And if you do NOT like, you can check out some third-party web apps, such as "Stop Autoplay for YouTube", "YouTube Options for Google Chrome™", "Magic Actions for YouTube™", etc.

The following will show you another FREE Chrome extension — YouTube™ Volume Controller, which is also available for you to disable the auto-play function of YouTube videos, together with some other features.

YouTube Volume Controller

After installation, you can see an extension icon on the Toolbar, clicking on the icon, you can change the "Initial Value" to "Mute" and/or "Pause", which means that all the YouTube videos you are going to visit will be mute and/or pause.

When opening a YouTube video page, you can see a particular control panel added below the "Initial Value", with which, you can control the video in the following ways:

1. To restart the video;

2. To replay or restart the video;

3. To change the video volume level or to mute it;

4. To close the tab of the video page;

5. To skip 5 seconds back or forward;

6. To jump to any section of the video.

There will be a particular control panel for every video, but you can also mute and/or pause all the videos by clicking on the "All mute" and/or "All pause" buttons.

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