Convert And Share Files Online Free With Cometdocs

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To convert a file from one format (such as PDF) to another one (such as DOC) online free, you can use Convert Files, DocsPal, Zamzar or some other web app;

To store and share your file, you can upload it to,, Google Drive or some other file hosting site;

And to convert, store and share the file, you can check out the Cometdocs website, instead to convert it with one web app and then share it with another one.


On the Cometdocs website, you can upload your file by selecting it from your computer or by drag-and-drop, after that, you can convert the file to another format, email its download link to your friend, store it privately, or share it to the public, with the following details:

1. To convert

You can convert a PDF file to DOC, JPG, TXT or some other format, you can convert GIF, RTF, PPT or some other file to PDF format, and you can also convert XPS file to DOC, JPG, HTML or some other format.

2. To Transfer

You can enter any email address and sent the download link of your file to it.

3. To share

You can make your file public and share it with your friends via its download link (such as this), and of course, you can also make your file private.

Besides the above 3 main functions, Cometdocs also allows you to manage your file by adding description, moving to a new folder, deleting, etc.

By the way, you can use the Cometdocs free without registration, but you can have more advantages after registration, such as 15 conversions weekly, 1 GB document storage, transfer and host links do not expire, etc.

But whether registration or not, you can only upload 1 file per time for free.

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