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To get the exchange rates between two different currencies (such as United States Dollar and Chinese Yuan), you can just enter their codes (such as "USD CNY") on the Google search bar.

But Google is not available for you to get the exchange rates among three or more different currencies in this way. Instead, you can check out our sponsor, the free online currency converter —, which has the following 3 obvious advantages:

1. You can convert any two currencies easily

Covert currency online for free

On the homepage, you can choose any two different currencies, and get their exchange rates to each other by entering any amount. As what you can see from the above screenshot, for 100 USD, you would have 630.546 CNY yesterday, but only 629.5086 today, since the results will be updated in real time when the currency exchange rates are changed.

2. You can create your own currency converter

Free online currency converter

With the Online Currency converter app, you can customize your own converters with any two or more different currencies, and enter any amount of any added currency, you can get the conversion results of the other currencies.

For the customized converter, you can bookmark it, email it, or share it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and some other social networking sites.

3. You can track the currency exchange rate history

Currency exchange rate history

For any two different currencies, you can view their countries, signs, subdivided amounts and the latest updated dates; and you can also track their exchange rate history since 2011 with both yearly and monthly graph charts.

Besides the above 3 advantages, also has some other cool features, such as that it supports English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian and Chinese, it allows you to search for an exchange rate calculator between two different currencies by entering their names, codes, countries or some other related keywords, and it also offers an app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, but which is not free.

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