Convert Image To Text With Free OCR

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When seeing an image of text, especially in a language that you don't know well, you can extract the text and translate it with these translation services or ask someone for help.

And to extract the text from an image, you can write down the text with an online virtual keyboard, or try to convert the image to text directly with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tools.

As the name, Free OCR is a free online OCR tool for you to extract text from any image you upload.

On the website, you can upload a JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP image or a PDF file (only first page), select the language of the text, enter the CAPTCHA code, and click on the "Send file" button, then Free OCR will start to convert your file to text.

For example, the following image was what I uploaded:

OCR test file

And the following is the text converted by Free OCR:

Free OCR result

As you can see from the above image, Free OCR had converted the English text quite well, but it mistook "copy" as "oopy" and "code" as "oode", and what was more, it failed to recognize any Korean characters, since it didn't support Korean at all, though it supported other over 20 different languages, including Dutch, German, Russian and more.

By the way, when uploading a GIF file, I got the following error:

Free OCR error

Although the above error was missing after converting the GIF file into JPG and uploading again, it was boring anyway.

Did you meet any other problems? Or did you convert image to text with any other free online OCR tools? Share with us by leaving a comment.

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