Convert Web Page to PDF Online with PDFmyURL

Looking for a simple, stable and significant VPS as your web hosting? Check out DigitalOcean, only $5 per month, and you can get $10 in credit just for signing up now. says it will “convert and save pdf from any webpage for free”, so let’s see how it works.

There are two ways for you to convert a web page to pdf with

1. On website

Just input the url, and the web page of the url will be converted to a pdf file.

2. With PDFmyURL bookmarklet

Drag the PDFmyURL bookmarklet to your bookmark’s toolbar, and then you can convert the opened web page to a pdf file. The url will be used for the PDF file name.

I have tested PDFmyURL with this blog, and find out that there are some problems:

1. When I input on website, I just got a blank PDF file, but when I used the bookmarklet, the web page of the url was converted to a normal pdf file like this.

2. But when I input, I got a normal pdf file.

3. The WordPress theme used for is the same as, but when I input on website, I also got a normal pdf file like this.

So, I doubt whether it is my blog’s problem or PDFmyURL’s problem. Have you come across this problem?

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