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Create colorful qr code with qrcode.cxUsually, the color of a QR code image is black on a white background, as mentioned before.

In fact, a QR code can be any color, such as green for the left top picture on this post. is such a website for you to create QR code with any color you like.

Up till now, is available for you to create colorful QR code pictures for the following 9 information formats:

  • Text,
  • Hyperlink,
  • Phone Number,
  • SMS,
  • Email address,
  • Email message,
  • Contact,
  • Twitter,
  • Google Maps.

You can choose one of the above 9 supported items and enter the related information you want to embed, then your QR code will be generated and you can view it on the same page instantly.

By the way, for the URL of Hyperlink or in a tweet, you can shorten it with the service.

For the default QR code, the color will be black, but you can change it by picking up another color from the color board; the size will be 300px*300px, but you can change it from 200px*200px to 1000px*1000px; the error correction will be medium (15%), but you can change it to low (7%), quartil (25%), or high (30%); the corner rounding will be medium, but you can change it to low, high or disabled. All the changes will be applied to the QR code instantly.

For the final QR code, you can download it as a PNG or EPS file, and you can also get a code to embed it into your websites or blogs.

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