Create ePub Books Online Free With ePub Bud

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As mentioned before, you can create PDF eBooks online free with the Anthologize plugin on your WordPress blog.

Besides PDF, Anthologize is also available for you to create ePub books, but which is not good, since it can't separate chapters or parts by pages as what it can do for PDF.

Instead, you can check out ePub Bud, which is a free web app for you to create ePub books online.

After registration, you can create an ePub book in the following two ways:

1. To upload an exist eBook

ePub Bud Upload

Clicking on the "Upload / Convert" button, you can upload your exist eBook in DOC, PDF, RTF or even nearly any other format, up to 200MB, then ePub Bud will try to convert it to the open ePub format.

But during my test, when uploading a PDF file, all of which contents will be converted to images, DOC, RTF, HTML or other formats are not tested.

2. To create a new eBook

New Book

Instead, you can click on the "New Book" button, edit the book information, and start to write your new eBook via its online HTML editor, just like what you do when writing a blog post on WordPress.

To copy the content of an exit webpage, you can paste its visual layout or source code, but the output effects (such as the font sizes) of them may be not same.

By the way, ePub Bud won't save your eBook automatically, so that you'd better save what you have written manually, and after that, your ePub book will be generated and you can read it online or download it to your disk, such as this.


While the ePub book generated by ePub Bud can be read on most ePub readers, if you want to publish it on Apple iBookstore, please pay attention to the following 3 notes:

  • The output format is ePub 2, which is not available for Chinese books that you are going to publish on iBookstore.
  • Do not use the "target" tag for any link, which is not supported by Apple
  • Do not use "vspace" or "hspace" tag for any image, which is not supported by iBookstore.

Besides, there may be some other problems you will meet when publishing your ePub book on iBookstore, and you may not realize them until you do it, so, how to verify your ePub for iBookstore? Stay tuned for the next post.

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