Create Infographics And Charts Online Free With

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Infographics and charts will make your data more interesting and easy to be understood.

While there are many ways for you to create infographics and/or charts, the website will be a better one for you to do that online free.

Create Infographics And Charts With

After registration with your email, Twitter or Facebook account, you can start to choose templates to create your infographics and charts.

1. To create infographics


There are 6 pre-designed, pixel-perfect infographic templates for your choice, you can pick up one and customize it by adding text, charts, videos and/or maps.

By the way, to add a video, you need to enter its Vimeo or Youtube address.

2. To create online charts


There are tens of animated online chart templates for your choice, you can load data from your computer, edit your data, add copyright notice, so on and so forth.

By the way, you can only import data from MS Excel or CSV files.

For the finished infographics and/or charts, you can publish them on the site (such as this) and/or share them on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Pinterest.

While is easy for you to create and share infographics and charts, you can't download them, so there would be a lost when the site were down someday.

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