Create Your Facebook Fan Page With Wix

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Since Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites in the world with over 750,000,000 users, it will be helpful for you to promote your products, services or websites with a killer Facebook fan page.

You can create a fan page on Facebook directly, instead, you can also create one with some third-party tools, which will be more interesting and easier.

As one of Free Nuts’ sponsors, Wix is a such a third-party tool for you to create your Facebook fan page online for free.

After registration, you can choose one template from the Facebook category, and then customize it on a new window, such as the following one:


On the new window, you can edit your Facebook fan page in many ways, such as to add media files (including pictures, music, videos, etc.), widgets, PayPal buttons and some others from your local computer, the web addresses or the Wix website, to change the background, to add or delete pages, and so on.

After edition, you can preview your page before publish it on a Wix page (such as this), which you can add to your exist Facebook page with a "My Site" sub-page:

Wix Facebook Fan Page

On the "My Site" fan page, you can force visitors to "Like" it, and if you have created more than one page on the Wix website, you can also select which one to display in your Facebook fan page.

By the way, not all Facebook templates on the Wix website are free, and there will be Wix badges on the free templates, which are both reasonable for free services I think. Like the Free Nuts fan page on Facebook? Like it. 🙂

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