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Thanks to Google Reader's death, Digg Reader is born.

Like Google Reader, Digg Reader is also available for you to add, search and browse for new feeds, to check out which feeds you subscribed are popular, to mark all as read, and so on, but with the following 3 special features:

Digg Reader

1. To sync with your Google Reader

You can import your Google Reader feeds directly in one click, and the Stared items in Google Reader will be imported as Saved items in Digg Reader.

2. To read later

You can connect to Pocket, Readability and/or Instapaper, and add any feed you like to a read-later list.

3. To share feeds

For all the feeds you dug or saved, you can make it public with a URL (such as this) for anyone to subscribe or make it private for yourself.

And for any single feed, you can share it on Twitter and/or Facebook directly.

Sounds cool, right? But which doesn't mean that Digg Reader is better than Google Reader before July 1, 2013, however, Digg Reader will change the future of Digg.

In fact, Digg has not only developed a reader, but also integrated with the reader and changed itself a lot.

For example, any post you dug or saved on the Digg site will also appear in Digg Reader as "Diggs" or "Saved" item; you can only see what you have saved on the Digg site, not what you have dug, but you can see both of them in Digg Reader; you can also subscribe to what you have saved and/or dug via RSS feeds; and what is more, you can only sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account, and you can't comment on any post, or follow any other user as what you could do before.

The reason Digg made such a big change I think was that the New Digg sucked, Google Reader is going to die, RSS feed is still welcome, so integration with reader will attract some Google Reader users, and make Digg as a simple read-and-share platform.

By the way, Digg Reader is still in a beta stage, and you need to enter your email address to get an invite before you can use it, even though you already have a Digg account.

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