Disable Google+ Auto Update With G+ Stream Pause

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As default, the Google+ stream will be updated automatically, and you can’t stop it, while which is fast for you to fetch the latest messages, it may also disturb you badly.

For example, sometimes you may fail to read a long post or the old posts, since the current page is refreshed with new ones when you are reading, the situation will be worse if you have many friends in a circle.

Although Google+ doesn’t allow us to pause the auto update function, we can disable it with G+ Stream Pause, which is a free Chrome extension.

G+ Stream Pause

After installation, you will see a Pause icon in your Chrome’s toolbar, refresh the Google+ page, and click on the icon, then the G+ Stream Pause extension will be active, and your Google+ stream won’t be updated automatically any more, until you click the icon again.

When the extension is working, it will show you how many new posts of your stream are queued, you can add new posts, but can’t see them in the stream, you can also share, comment on and +1 the stream posts. When it stops working, all the queued posts will be displayed in the stream.

By the way, the G+ Stream Pause extension will only show you the total queued new posts of your Home stream, not of any single circle or the Photos page.

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